About Merchant Resources

Townsy offers several different features for merchants and restauranteurs. Townsy’s goal is to list every business in Sebastopol. We currently list stores and restaurants and will be adding services soon. If your business is not on our list, let us know and we’ll add it right away, free of charge. (Soon you’ll be able to add it yourself.)

Scroll down for information about “What’s for Dinner?”

How to feature your products on Townsy

We also offer several places to feature your products — and best of all you can do it yourself! (To post to any of these sections go back to the main Merchant Resources page: https://townsyapp.com/merchant-resources/)

Submit an item to Featured Products

FEATURED PRODUCTS sits at the top of the Local Shopping section of Townsy. It’s a carousel of interesting products from local Sebastopol merchants. Each items has a ‘Buy It Now’ link that goes directly to that item’s page on your store’s e-commerce website. (If you do not offer e-commerce on your website, we can list a product for you on the Townsy store and link to that product page.)

This is a very popular section of the website. Our visitors love supporting local merchants and are curious about what’s being offered at local stores.

Featured products is found at the top of the Local Shopping Section
An example of a featured product. The Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce sold 11 hats in one weekend, using this section.

Submit an item to Today’s Deals and New & Notable

TODAY’S DEALS and NEW & NOTABLE take turns at the bottom of the homescreen. Use Today’s Deals to get the word out about sales, discounts and other special offers. Use New and Notable to highlight new products (or, for restaurants, new dishes), particularly interesting products, charitable projects your business is involved in, or even to give a shout out to a new employee — or that special employee of the month. (We created New & Notable so that small businesses wouldn’t be forced to constantly offer discounts to get attention.)

An example of a Today’s Deal
An example of New and Notable

Submit an item to ‘What’s for Dinner?’

TOWNSY is introducing a new feature to help local restaurants sell more food through their websites. It’s called “What’s for Dinner,” and it sits at the top of the Eat Drink Local section. At the top of the page, a banner asks, “What’s for breakfast?” “What’s for lunch?” “What’s for dinner?” at the appropriate times, and then offers a carousel of local options.

Users click on Eat/Drink Local on the homescreen (left), then they see “What’s for Dinner?” at the top of that section (second from left). They can then click through a series of offerings from local restaurants that they can buy immediately via the BUY IT NOW button.

You upload a photo and description of your restaurant’s daily special (or anything else) to the What’s for Dinner section of Townsy. If our users like what they see, they’ll click the BUY IT NOW button and go directly to your website to finish the transaction. BOOM. More meals out the door, more profits for your restaurant.

If you do not have an e-commerce website, Townsy can create one for you on the app free of charge. Call Laura Hagar Rush at townsyapp@gmail.com or 707-322-8696.

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