Restaurants are reopening. Here’s a list.

By Laura Hagar Rush, Townsy Media, January 25, 2021


Now that California has rescinded its regional stay-at-home order, Sebastopol restaurants are scrambling to respond. Some opened immediately, others needed a little more time to reassemble their staffs and get ready to serve outdoors.


Kosho announced that they will be open with limited outdoor service on Monday. “Please continue ordering up front or online and then enjoy our covered patio for beverage service,” read an announcement on their Instagram

Handline had already thrown open their patio by the time Townsy called them on Monday, and they are excited to be able to serve outdoors on their expansive backyard patio.

Sushi Hana open for outdoor dining Monday night as well, though since they only have two tables outside, they recommend reservations.

On the north end of town, Fandees also opened for outdoor dining on Monday, and on the south end of town, Hole in the Wall has announced that they’ll be open as well.


Blue Ridge Kitchen  start serving outdoors as of Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Gravenstein Grill (and its two pop-up concepts Sonoma Burger and Pleasant Hill Pie) opened for outdoor dining on Wednesday, as did the Gypsy Cafe.

Sebastopol Sunshine Cafe resumed outdoor dining on Tuesday, while Hopmonk opened on Thursday, and Smokehouse BBQ on Friday.

Barrio opened for outdoor dining this weekend and so did El Coronel, which has a new heated patio area.

The folks at Fern Bar, rested from their winter nap, will re-open on Thursday, Feb. 4, for outdoor dining.

This is an evolving list. We will add more restaurants to the list as we hear back from them.