A Last Minute Valentine’s Day

By Laura Hagar Rush, Townsy Media, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day cakes from Patisserie Angelica

Maybe you, like me, wish you were a planner — someone who makes reservations days (weeks!) ahead of time and gets all their Christmas shopping (or Valentine’s Day shopping) done by September. But I’m not, which usually leaves me scrambling on days like this. Which is why I’ve assembled a sweet collection of last minute Valentine’s Day treats and activities — so other folks like me can make it through the day without disappointing your sweetie or yourself.

Don’t have a sweetie at the moment? Then treat yourself.  We liked this piece of internet advice from Dressers on Main Street:

A Sweet Start to your Valentine’s Day

Acre Coffee is offering a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Latte: white chocolate, strawberry purée and a shot of espresso in steamed oat milk, topped with beet infused whipped cream.

strawberry latte

At their stands at Andy’s and in Forestville, Roasters is offering three Valentine’s choices: Be My Coconut (below), To My Honey Bee Cinnamon Latte, and A Box of Raspberry Truffle Chocolate Mocha.

coconut mocha

Retrograde, meanwhile, is offering a $1 dollar off e-coupon as a Valentine’s Day present to its customers.  Claim it here: https://squaremktg.com/campaigns/f0mXbxZXWv3br24X/landing?source=facebook

Chocolate is thy name

This is the busiest day of the year for local chocolatiers, including Sonoma Chocolatiers and Eye Candy.

Sonoma Chocolatiers Affection Collection is a 16-piece box dark chocolate truffles and sensuously-soft caramels for $44.95. You might also ask after the The Aztec Aphrodisiac truffle made with vanilla, cinnamon, and Damiana. The Aztecs considered Damiana to be the second strongest aphrodisiac, after chocolate.  Lavender, Love & Lust is also a favorite. Sonoma Chocolatiers opens at 10 am this morning.

Photo courtesy Sonoma Chocolatiers

Find more dazzling chocolates at Eye Candy, which will have a walk up kiosk for last minute purchases, from noon to 6 pm today. The folks at Eye Candy say, “We restocked the case late last night, so there’s a large variety to choose from. We also have pre-filled hearts for anyone short on time. Delivery orders in Sebastopol will be taken up till 2 p.m. today.”

Photo courtesy Eye Candy

The newest entry into the chocolate game in Sebastopol is Patisserie Angelica, which began offering truffles and other chocolate candies this winter.  They also offer cupcakes, desserts, their signature cakes, as well as some super cute Valentine’s cookies.

Photo courtesy Patisserie Angelica

And speaking of cakes, for those of you in search of a “healthy cake,” there’s the raw food Chocolate Rose Lovers live pie at The Nectary in the Barlow.

nectary cake

Photo courtesy The Nectary

Where have all the flowers gone?

California Sister is sold out for Valentine’s Day, but there are other options. Gypsy Cafe is offering flowers from their General Store on Main Street (it’s located in the front of the restaurant).

Kathy Anderson at Vineyard Table (inside Pacific Market) has a battalion of blooms waiting for you. Anderson likes to think of Pacific Market as “a one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day, where you can get flowers, chocolate, and wine all in one place.”


Photo courtesy Vineyard Table

Lower the lights

Everyone looks better by candlelight, which is why you should make Beekind in South Sebastopol part of your Valentine’s Day peregrinations. Their beeswax candles make a beautiful, sweet smelling gift and provide the right lighting for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home. They also offer delightful honey taffies.

Photo courtesy Beekind

That’s all for now, but this is an evolving article. We’ll be adding more local sources as we find them. If you know of a Sebastopol store offering Valentine’s Day goodies that isn’t mentioned here, email the details to townsyapp@gmail.com.