Sebastopol Climate Action Committee hosts organic compost giveaway

Staff, City of Sebastopol Newsletter, February 25, 2022


The Sebastopol Climate Action Committee is hosting an organic compost giveaway on Saturday, March 12 from 10am to 1pm. Home and school gardeners are in invited to come to the pick-up site with COVID safe masks, shovels, gloves, a tarp and a car with containers or a pick-up truck and load their free compost (email ahead of time if you need assistance with loading).
Event Details:
Saturday, March 12, 2022
From: 10am – 1pm
Location: 425 Morris Street Sebastopol – Behind Youth Annex
Free one-half to one cubic yard of compost per household – self serve, come prepared with shovels, gloves, mask, containers, or truck
Compost applied to garden beds and around trees will boost plants with nutrients, replenish the soil microorganisms and organic matter which in turn improves soil health and carbon sequestration. Healthy soil absorbs and retains water best which is super important during droughts.
  • Healthy soil will require less irrigation during dry periods between rains.
  • Healthy soil will absorb more water during heavy rains resulting in less runoff and erosion.
Home gardener Terri Moon happily reported, “After applying the compost from the Sebastopol fall give away I went from watering my garden every other day to watering once a week.”
Sebastopol Climate Action Committee is a group of dedicated citizens in Sebastopol working to address the global climate emergency through local action.