Sebastopol City Council Preview

By Laura Hagar Rush, Townsy Media, April 19, 2021

The April 20 Sebastopol City Council meeting will be held virtually over Zoom, with open session beginning at 6 p.m.  See the full agenda HERE.


At the April 20 meeting of the Sebastopol City Council, the council will hear a presentation on new state housing laws, consider the placement of a new piece of public art by Ned Kahn and hear the annual Level of Service report (an exhaustive review of the status of General Plan elements and city services). They will also consider a statement requesting the resignation of Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli.

Consent Calendar  

  • Approval of the minutes of the City Council Meeting of April 6
  • Approval of new and revised job classifications, job specifications and salary ranges for some city sanitation workers. (The staff report says this will have no fiscal impact.)
  • Approval the proposed projects list for SB 1 (Road Repair and Accountability Act) funding for 2021- 22. This includes paving and repairs on Hanson Court, Kathleen Court and Cleveland Avenue, as well as resurfacing and shoulder improvements along Bodega Avenue.
  • Approval of completion of the Manhole Cover Replacement project. This project came in slightly over budget. It was contracted at $68,200, but the final price was $74,844.76, due to adding one additional manhole cover and adding locks to keep the covers secure.
  • Approval to reopen applications for the city’s Climate Action Committee and add an alternate youth position. The committee will be seeking applicants to fill the following vacant positions: a Sebastopol business owner, someone with an environmental justice/equity background, and, if approved, an alternate youth position.


City staff and the city’s outside legal firm will give a presentation on a slew of new state housing laws. (Get a preview of this presentation HERE. )

Regular Calendar Agenda

Discussion and Consideration of Ned Kahn’s Revised Art Proposal: The council will discuss and consider a new site for a new piece of public art by Ned Kahn.  At its February 2 meeting, the city council reviewed the revised art sculpture concept, “Sebastopol Spire,” by Ned Kahn, which was proposed to be located at the Morris Street/Johnson Street intersection on the east side of the City’s Public Works Corporation Yard site. The council unanimously supported the new sculpture, but requested that city staff, the Public Arts Commission and the artist review more prominent locations for the sculpture.

The new proposed site is northwest of the Highway 12 bridge on city-owned property where the trail running from the community center connect to Sebastopol Avenue. Because it’s on city-owned property, there will be no need to coordinate with CalTrans, which nixed Kahn’s original proposal for the eastern entryway to Sebastopol.

The new site will cost the same as the original budget ($45,000 for Ned Kahn’s work, and $5,000 for any site modifications). It is funded by Sebastopol’s ‘percent for art’ fee, where developers either provide on-site public art or pay an in-lieu fee which the city uses for public art projects in the community. (These monies cannot be used for other purposes.)

For more information and to see images of the proposed artwork, go HERE.

Annual Level of Service Report

The Level of Service Report includes a review of the implementation of the city’s General Plan, as well as a review of the status of city services, including water, wastewater, drainage, parks, fire, police, schools and traffic. It will also include an update on planning projects and annual housing totals.

For more details on the Level of Service Report, go HERE.

Statement to request the recall of Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli

In the aftermath of allegations of sexual misconduct and assault by Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli, the Sebastopol City Council will consider releasing a statement requesting that he resign.