Seb residents can highlight water savings, take meter survey

By Zoë Strickland, Managing Editor, SoCoNews, August 10, 2021

Brown lawns are a sign of the times - and a badge of honor - in Sebastopol. Inset: the sign that the city is giving out about saving water.

While the City of Sebastopol is making strides to encourage residents and businesses to limit water use, it’s also putting forward other water-related odds and ends that residents can use or participate in. We’ve gathered those in a list below.

Brightening up that brown lawn with a yard sign

For Sebastopolians devoted to being water-wise — especially those who want to let their neighbors know while encouraging them to save water — the City of Sebastopol has you covered with a yard sign.

Water-conserving Sebastopol residents who want a lawn sign that mentions that they’re saving water can stop by the Public Works Department office at 714 Johnson Street Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Having your water use numbers at your fingertips

The City of Sebastopol is looking into whether or not it wants to start using cellular water meters and a related phone application that, when coupled together, will allow water customers to be able to see their water usage and be alerted to leaks in real time.

In an effort to determine if water users think the meters would be beneficial, the city is conducting a survey. Survey results will be shared with the Sebastopol City Council to help inform the decision-making process.

The water meter survey is available online through the city’s website, and can be found here.

Visit Sebastopol’s online water conservation hub

Anyone looking for a one-stop shop to view all of Sebastopol’s council regulations, rebates and more related to water savings can do so on the city’s website. Its water conservation page has information about the current systemwide water savings regulation — a mandatory 25% — as well as links water use efficiency resources.

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