Mayor cuts the red ribbon on Libby Park’s new playground

By Laura Hagar Rush, Townsy Media, March 4, 2021

ribbon cutting libby Park

City planner Kari Svanstrom, City manager Larry McLaughlin, Mayor Una Glass, Council member Sarah Gurney and Dan Rasmus. (Not pictured but definitely there holding the other side of the ribbon was Michael McGlothin.)

Mayor Una Glass, Vice Mayor Sarah Gurney and other city officials were joined by representatives of Sebastopol’s two Rotary Clubs, Michael McGlothin and Dan Rasmus, to celebrate the official opening of Libby Park’s new playground.

Slow Cat, Sebastopol’s ubiquitous giant orange metal cat statue, was also on hand for the celebration

“We are so excited to be here today, celebrating the reopening of Libby Park and its absolutely spectacular new playground that we have for the kids of Sebastopol and residents of West County. We know all the kids are going to have a great time here,” Glass said.

The city got the majority of the funds for the new playground from California Proposition 68.

When state funds fell short of the full cost of renovation—originally estimated at $144,000— Rotary stepped forward to bridge the gap.

Last year the two Rotary Clubs worked together to make and sell over 8,700 tamales, raising over $30,000 to finish the renovations for the new playground equipment.

The new playground is located on the site of the beloved Super Playground built by local parents in 1992. The new structure marks the third time the play area has been rebuilt in the last 30 years.

Unplug at the playground

The official opening of the play structure coincided with National Unplugged Day – a day that encourages people and particularly children to turn off their computers and unplug from their devices. The mayor suggested that a visit to the new playground was a great way to do that.

To give kids extra incentive to unplug, the city announced the Slow Cat Treasure Hunt.

“There’ll be stickers of Slow Cat throughout the park,” City Planner Kari Svanstrom said, explaining that families could pick up a treasure hunt form from City Hall, as well as online. “With your parent or guardian to sign off, find as many stickers as you can and submit it to the city.”

The treasure hunt will run through the month of March and April, and entries must be received by April 30. Winners will receive trophies designed by local artists, Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent, the creators of Slow Cat.

“So come on out and unplug with your families, and do the treasure hunt,” Svanstrom said.

Then McGlothin and Rasmus held either end of a long red ribbon and Glass cut the ribbon with a giant pair of scissors, officially opening the park.