Last class of Analy walks across the stage

By Katherine Minkiewicz, Staff Writer, SoCoNews, June 5, 2021

analy students

The last graduates of Analy High School walked across the stage on June 3, an emotional and historic moment for graduating seniors of the Class of 2021, families, parents and faculty as the school is set to consolidate with El Molino High School this fall. While the schools are consolidating on to the Analy High School campus, the west county school board is working on rebranding the school with a new name.

The moment also marked the completion of four years of students’ hard work amid a cacophony of disasters: fires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The in-person graduation kicked off at 5:30 p.m. with a processional with accompanying music from the Analy High School orchestra.

Sebastopol Future Farmers of America Chapter President Kira De Torres led the crowd of six-foot spaced graduates and attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance and Analy ASB President Julia Goldin offered a few words of welcome.

Honor commencement speakers included Nikolas Brandt, Yekaterina Lynch and Amitiel Ashley-Haran.

Analy High School leadership representative Austin Welsh acknowledged the Analy High School class of 1971 and the Analy chamber singers directed by Andy Del Monte performed the “Spirit of Analy” and “In Meeting, We are Blessed.”

Mia Wesselkamper introduced the 2021 California Scholarship Federation members: Danielle Bangs, Samantha Bowman, Nikolas Brandt, Bianca Cervantes, Vicente Chavez, Sarah Elliot, Collin Elliot, Julia Goldin, Rachel Harris, Daniel Judd, June Labourdette, Ethan Logan, Yekaterina Lynch, Natalie Miller, Prisca Niedermair, Meredith Poten, Nakaia Schott, Ella Silvestrich, Alivia Van Dyke, Pema Vassallo, Lila Weber and Mia Wesselkamper.

2021 California Scholarship Federation lifetime members include: Ethan Arrington, Andrew Barnett, Emma Bowen, Josh Erickson, Lauryn Gramm, Michael Hardesty, Ramses Hernandez, Luz Hernandez Sandoval, Fiona Irving-Beck, Nicholas Kraemer, Niklas Leet, Alex Leopard, Elena Malpica-Vargas, Bridget McClarnon, Kalie McGowan, Madeline Miller, Kimberly Navarrete, Estrella Pacheco, Molly Parks, Max Peinkofer, Zoe Reed, Alicia Roberts, Julia Samol, Talia Schwartz, Ian Shine and Emily Voight.

In terms of grade point average, Analy Vice Principal Sandy Frey acknowledged the top 5% of the class: Danielle Bangs, Nikolas Brandt, Joshua Erickson, Fiona Irving-Beck, Daniel Judd, June Labourdette, Niklas Leet, Yekaterina Lynch, Rory Meechan, Aidan Rice, Ella Silvestrich, India Wade and Mia Wesselkamper.

This year’s Analy faculty speaker was Joel Stickel, who said he was terrified of public speaking but was reminded by his students that he talks in front of a class everyday. 

After the diploma roll call, graduates participated in the symbolic tassel crossing ceremony and some threw their caps in the air to signal the end of their high school career and the start of a new chapter in life.

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