Bear spotted in south Sebastopol

By Laura Hagar Rush, Townsy Media, May 3, 2021

From a game camera near MacFarlane and Azalea

The Sebastopol Police  confirmed what had been rumored around town for a couple of days: a bear has been spotted in south Sebastopol.

According to reports on Nextdoor, the bear was first spotted by Park Guthrie near Robinson Road four days ago. (Note: Park took a photo worthy of a big foot sighting.) Then yesterday, on May 2, Nancy Colwell saw the bear (same bear?) off Watertrough Road near Atascadero Creek. Curtis Cavin captured the image above on his game camera near MacFarlane and Azalea.

The report on the sightings from Sebastopol Police Facebook page was amusing:

“I can bearly believe I’m saying this, but we are bearing witness to something unusual a-bruin. A bearfooted visitor must have lost his bearings and embearassingly landed himself in town. Spotted in the vicinity of Pleasant Hill Rd, Lynch Rd and Robinson Rd, as fur as we can tell he pawsitively doesn’t mean any harm. But if you happen upon him, show some forbearance and give him a wide berth. We don’t want to respond to a grizzly aftermath!”

Eventually the Police Department passed along these helpful hints from the Department of Fish and Wildlife:

“When bears start moving into populated areas, we all need to do what we can to deter them from coming back. So, if you live in the areas where the bear has been spotted, which in Sebastopol would be the Lynch RD/Pleasant Hill RD/Robinson RD area, here are a few things you can do to help our friend stay wild: bring in any pet food from outside; empty bird feeders; bring trash inside; make sure BBQ grills are clean or brought inside. Essentially, we want to remove any food source so that the bear will move on to a more natural menu.”

For more advice from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on dealing with bears, go HERE.