Young Makers: Build a Better Birdhouse – Nov 26

Nov 26, 2022 10:00 am

Chimera Arts and Maker Space 6791 Sebastopol Avenue #180 Sebastopol, CA 95472


Make a birdhouse, learn about your local birds and help them raise their babies!

In this class, you’ll learn how to make a functional birdhouse – that is, one that a bird can use to make its nest and raise it’s young. You’ll learn some basic woodworking skills, the proper sizing and placement of a birdhouse and the species of birds that will use your birdhouse.

This class is suitable for ages 8 and up. You’ll do some simple assembly of kits we have pre-made. So no dangerous tools involved. The instructor will show you how to cut the raw materials. There will be some nailing, using an electric drill, painting and such.

This is a great group activity.

Material fee: included


Joe Szuecs (pronounced SOOCH) has made at least one hundred bird houses over the years. He actually wrote an article for Craft Magazine (Issue 4) on this very topic.