Virtual class: Intro to Cosplay

Mar 22, 2023 7:00 pm

Online - Zoom


(Note: This is a virtual class. The instructor will send you the Zoom link prior to class.)

This cosplay word has been tossed more in pop culture in the past decade, but what is is exactly?

We’ll break down the what/why/how/where/whens to cosplay, and along the way, tackle your personal what (you’d like to cosplay), how (to cosplay?), and more! Guided by design thinking tools, we’ll brainstorm and elaborate on, and support your personal cosplay ideas, including group activities on handling your toughest parts, how to incorporate our talents, and support each other in everyone’s cosplay journey.

Class outline

What is cosplay?

Why cosplay?

How to cosplay? Advice & Steps

Desired topics

Live brainstorming of costume you want to come to life!

Age range: 8 and older

About the instructor: Mary Leal

I’m an award-winning master-level cosplayer and professor, empowering people to craft, make and build. With 10+ years of cosplaying and costume building, I enjoy sharing the love of craft and helping others in their cosplays.

I got my Ph.D researching, desgining and making a technology to help designers, hobbyists and cosplayers find materials online. Along the way, I became a costume shop assistant, costume builder, cosplayer and educator. That sprung me to being a university maker professor at university, and a mixed media specialty, being able to teach and do anything between handsewing, embroidery to programming, 3d printing, and laser cutting.

Awards I have won included Best Recreation, 1st place masters division craftsmanship, Best Cosplay/Prop from Make Media, and more recently, their Amazing Maker Award finalist. I also served as a cosplay judge at venues such as California Cosplay Gala, Int’l Cosplay Day, comic cons, and as a guest and panelist at many venues, the latest being SiliCon with Adam Savage.