Live from Amsterdam with Dr. Kees Kaldenbach: Mondrian

Apr 15, 2021 11:00 am


Donation $5-$50


This Young Mondrian lecture describes how the books of cult leader madame Blavatsky drew him into the sphere of Theosophy. This led to a great series of inspired works of art. The art collector Slijper amassed the worlds largest Mondrian collection in the world and I will explain how all works went in the end to the Kunstmuseum, The Hague (formerly named Gemeentemuseum). In this class I will also lead you through his astounding development, and will explain the Tree series and the Pier and Ocean series and how these two led to the final world famous art with stripes and colour fields with pure primary colours. These paintings are NOT abstract but according to Mondrian more real than what you and I see all around us. High-Resolution images. Mondrian left explanations about his work in the art magazine De Stijl, but his own writings are hard to understand. I will help you to see the major lines of development.