Sebastopol Carbon Conversations

May 5, 2021 7:00 pm



photo dirt by Ron Nichols, USDA NRCS North Carolina

The next Sebastopol Carbon Conversation takes place May 5, 7pm.  The topic is Regenerative Agriculture, Part 2: SOIL – The Dirty Climate Solution.

In this episode, we meet two farmers who, at first glance, seem very different. One is a first-generation farmer in upstate New York raising fruits and vegetables for the local community. The other is a third generation farmer in Minnesota who sells commodity crops—corn and soybeans—to big industrial processors. But they share something in common. They’re both bucking modern conventions on how to farm. And they’re paying close attention to something that is frequently overlooked: the soil. We explore how making simple changes in the way we farm can harness the incredible power of soil to help save the planet.

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(Photo by Ron Nichols, USDA NRCS North Carolina)