Insistent Grace: Poems by Elizabeth C. Herron

Apr 15, 2021 7:00 pm



Elizabeth Herron’s poems and articles have appeared in Parabola, Orion, Center for Humans and Nature, Reflections, Free State and Columbia Review. Grants and awards sustaining her work have come from the Foundation for Deep Ecology, The Mesa Refuge for Writers, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Elizabeth is known for her collaborations; and her book-length poem, The Poet’s House, was written to accompany Bruce Johnson’s Poetry House sculpture. She writes articles centered on art and ecology, imagination and empathy, and the importance of nature in our physical and spiritual well-being. She has been focused on climate since 2003 when the Society for Conservation Biology announced global warming as the greatest threat to all species.

“In the time of global pandemic and climate crisis, Elizabeth Herron evokes Mother Nature’s insistent grace – a power that compels respect and can help us heal ourselves and our planet – if we are resolute.” – Awiakta, poet and author of Selu, the Wisdom of the Corn Mother.

“At a time when the trend in poetry is self-revelation, Elizabeth Herron’s poems seem almost shy. But like the natural world that features so prominently in her work, and though “I” occurs as part of the background rather than the subject, she is deeply present in these poems. Whether writing about creeks, coyotes, deer, or a stranger at the edge of the road, Elizabeth is fully alive where the breath of wind is only the most obvious evidence of the anima mundi, the soul of the world. Aren’t we hungry to feel that connection?” – Jason Whitacre, Analytical Psychologist and author of Downwind and A Hidden Topography.

“It’s a stunning intersection—buzzing with things I’d almost forgotten and others that were realized only on reading “We are always reinventing the world,” she [Herron] writes. The ripples from these poems carry that power—and reinvent the reader as well.” – Arthur Dawson, poet, writer, editor and historical ecologist, author of Where the World Begins: Sonoma Mountain Stories and Images.

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