Chimera Online: Fusion 360 Techniques for Laser Cutting and CNC Routing

Jun 16, 2021

Online (Zoom)


Expand your CAD skills into the third dimension — and our laser and CNC tools!

About this event


After checkout a Jitsi videoconference link will be sent to you. Prior to the class, please test that Jitsi works on your computer or phone, and test that your sound, video, screen sharing, and Fusion 360 work. The class will be interactive, so the more you’re able to use your computer the more value you’ll get from the class! Some people may prefer to run Jitsi on their phone or tablet to avoid cluttering their computer: that’s okay, just be aware you may have to turn the device towards your computer screen in order to get help with Fusion 360 questions.

2 days / 2 hours / 10 minutes before the event, you’ll receive an email with a “VIEW NOW” link. Click that button to join the Jitsi meeting.

Laser cutting and CNC routing are ridiculously efficient. They are fast. The raw materials are cheap. With laser cutting or CNC routing you can fabricate small production projects limited only by your imagination and your skills.

This class is intended to help you develop your digital design skills. We will dive into learning to use the popular Fusion 360 computer aided design (CAD) software. We will learn specific techniques suited to working with sheet materials for making multi-dimensional projects. We will focus on the features of Fusion 360 that can take your laser and CNC router projects to the next level.

Experience Required: this is an intermediate class, should be familiar with the basics of Fusion 360 or equivalent experience approved by the instructor. If you’re new please see our beginner class: Intro to Fusion 360 for Makers


About The Instructor: Richard Lawler is a software engineer, maker and instructor. I’ve been making all my life; I built 3D design software for Apple; and I’ve been running a CNC on my workbench for 15 years. When I first learned the laser cutter my imagination exploded, and since then I’ve been obsessively exploring the possibilities of laser cutting in my projects. With these classes, I’m hoping to share my experience and help other people create things that until now could only exist in their imaginations.

Minimum Age: 14

Cancellation Policy:

This class has a minimum attendance of 3, all attendees must register 72 hours in advance.

All refunds must be requested at least 72 hours prior to class start.